Minimal UI

Simple Clean and Elegant

The apps User-interface is one main areas of concentration. keeping an avg. user in mind we have opt for such a User-Interface. The app features almost everything slideshows, galleries, maps etc and all of them in just 1 MB.

Category Based

A Single tap will fetch all you want

All the categories we manage are well organised in the left navigation bar for you to quickly go and forth back to whatever category you want with a single tap.

Timely Notifications

This is one key feature of the app.

Once you download this app, you will start receiving notifications of those important stories which worth checking out and about every event in the city and you have the choice whether to check them or not.

Ok Vizag is an unique business app

The best app for your business and its prosperity

As the online shopping is in full swing now in India, the local business owner left with no option other than advertising in newspapers or tv channels which is so expensive that the owner cannot run the ad for more than a day or two. For this, we found an alternative solution and that is OK VIZAG viz., A Virtual Local Edition. Apart from News & Events we provide room for advertisers to advertise.

It is a virtual platform we created for all local business owners to join and prosper.

Download Chrome app

OkVizag App

OkVizag is featured as the best app in the city for its local news and deals.


OkVizag Android App

One of the best app for event organizers,local business owners to spread the latest deals and offers

OkVizag Android App

OkVizag Chrome Web App

Download okvizag chrome web app and start receiving desktop notifications about every event in the city right in your chrome.


Ok Vizag Stream

Stream is news feed which keep on updating every hour. Be it local or national news, movies, gadgets, events and more right at your finger tips.


Vendor : What we gain from this?


Three important things every owner should do in attracting customers are the price, varieties and promotions. If the price doesn't beat his/her pocket then we cannot expect a revisit. There comes the offers into light, but placing a small tag inside/outside the shop isn’t enough we have to promote it and make all the vizagites aware of that offer. Paper/ tv commercial ? That’s expensive, even you know how much they cost for 300x250 ad unit. Right! There comes our app into light.

How many customers you can drive to our shop with your app?

That completely depends on your offer. If your best price beats the customers pocket then customers visit is certain.

But one thing we say confidently is that the customers count won't be the same before and after the subscription.

We already have an fb page and we used to post our offers over there, why should we consider your over our? .

But those offer feeds have no options like remainder/favourite/location and in max scenarios those ads are overlooked by the user because he/she interested more on friendfeeds than yours.

We through our app bring targeted visitors i.e., visitors from vizag not the hyderabadi guys who liked your page.

Why should I bother about virtual promotion as I am happy with by current traffic?

It is about customers residing far away from city and also about those customers who comes to city on a purpose like Wedding or Birthday Shopping, Spa's, Unlimited Buffet, Furniture etc. If you as an owner of the shop bother about customers from all sides of vizag and the popularity of the shop then you may have too.

We are Non-Profit event organisers, should we also suppose to choose a plan?

No need, it is forever free for Non-profit event organisers. Just email us at emailus@okvizag.com about your event with nice title and description along with pictures, if any and we post it right away!




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