Game of the Week: PAC-MAN 256

Walls have always been an important part of Pac-Man. Your little yellow guy (or lady) is stuck in a maze with some deadly ghosts. The walls of the maze frame the action and give it structure. So… what if one of those walls didn’t exist, and the maze became endless?

That’s the idea fueling Pac-Man 256, a new mobile Pac-Man game from developer Hipster Whale. That studio found great success by remixing Frogger into the popular mobile game Crossy Road, and they’ve taken a similar approach in Pac-Man 256.

256, which is new this week for iOS and Android, is “inspired by the famous Level 256 glitch,” a bug in the original Pac-Man that broke the walls of the level and replaced them with glitchy alphanumeric soup. In the new game, that glitch catastrophe chases you from the bottom of the screen. You swipe up, down, left and right to keep Pac-Man moving upward and out of harm’s way, dodging ghosts and grabbing pellets as quickly as you can while the map unfolds in front of you.

Pac-Man 256 Is Endless Pac-Man With A Fun, Glitchy Twist.